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Let's L.A.F. (Live Anger Free)

Let's L.A.F. (Live Anger Free)

Anger is an emotion everyone experiences. Being angry does not help you or the people you are mad at. Anger does not help you in traffic; it does not help you in class or at work. It does not help you cope with the frustrations you may have. From what I know, anger tends to attract anger The Law of Attraction is something I truly believe in. You reap what you have sown. If you plant anger as your anchor, you will attract nothing but angry people and anger in your heart. Ranting, venting, yelling, they are all unattractive and useless, really, when it comes to dealing with frustration. It is normal to Take Action to get help. Seeking professional help and using an anger management journal can be your way of making Anger a thing of your past!


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