10 ways to destress after a long work week

Updated: May 13

1. Remain Calm and Take a Deep breath. This is the beginning of Maintaining Control of your Anger and Stress by not allowing your emotions to feed into any negativity.

2. Never respond when Angry. This can increase stress levels that need you need to be in control over due to the negative impact it could have over your health ie. heart disease.

3. Think before you respond (self control). Maintaining Self Control is important to all situations it shows resilience.

4. Exercise & Practice Relaxation Skills-Develop coping skills and ways to practice self-help techniques. Exercise is a good way to burn away unwanted stress and calories while making you feel good about yourself.

5. Takes time out and Develop a Solution- Remove self from Situation. When experiencing a difficult situation, step away to allow time to think and develop a solution to the problem

6. Don't hold a grudge. Let it go. –Holding on to negative situations can cause undo stress on your mental and physical health. Releasing this negativity will provide my help to you.

7. Humor- humor relaxes the body & releases tension

8. Know when to Seek Help- Find a Professional to help you when things become tough.

9. Stick with I statements- Don't put blame on others accept responsibility.

10. Stay in your Lane- Know when to address issues not relating to you.

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